Training day with the SSQ slate team

IMG 4268

Our R&D workshop in weymouth has been very busy over the last few days, as Mayan hosted a series of successful, comprehensive training days for the team from SSQ Natural Slate. It's been a pleasure demonstrating our range of natural slate roofing systems and ancillary solutions. 

We demonstrated how the range of natural slate ridges truly provide high level ventilation using our smoke test, which shows a real life example of how high level ventilation is achieved with our ridge innovations. 

The easy to install Riverstone slate ridge is available now. The collaboration with SSQ Natural Slate means the bespoke, matching ridge tiles will perfectly finish high end Riverstone slate roofs.

The Filon Products Ltd Heritage Valley trough can also be installed with slate for the stunning appearance of a close mitred valley, which was of great interest to the team. 

Many more innovations are coming soon to get everyone excited, watch this space! 

Read more about the launch of the stunning SSQ Riverstone slate ridges in roofing today -