Slate dry ridge system

Vented ridge tile

Natural Slate roof Ridge

Full range of vented ridge tiles to support the ventilation requirements modern homes

High performance built-in ridge vents with the highest airflow rate of any ridge 

Our dry ridge systems do not need a roll out ridge kit, making our slate ridge tiles fast and easy to fit

Patented double lock system provides a secure and invisible fixing method - no unsightly fixing brackets!

RealRidge ridge tiles are available in a variety of styles, made using natural slate or stone, mechanically and chemically bonded to a GRP liner.

Our range of ridge tiles incorporate a series of highly innovative and patented fixing and ventilation systems offers a unique and seamlessly installed ridge, that is extremely strong and durable with an indefinite lifespan. 

Dry Ridge

Our built-in GRP ridge connector to enable a quick, easy and permanent dry fixing to the roof, which connects to the next ridge and permanently weather seals the join. Our fixings are invisible or discreet offering a superb look on the roof. 

Vented Ridge 

Our ridge tile systems offer built-in roof vents to provide the correct amount of high level roof ventilation for modern slate roofs. 

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Slate Dry



Ventilation Ventilated - 5mm built-in continuous vent strip Ventilated - 7200mm² per metre free air ventilation Ventilated - 6000mm² per metre free air ventilation Vent system not provided
  Built-in vent strip  free-air venting void free-air venting void  
Slate Smooth mat graphite grey natural slate Grey natural slate Graphite or Grey Green natural slate  Smooth mat graphite grey natural slate
Slate Edge Smooth square edge Natural Edge Chipped (dressed) egde Smooth square edge
Slate Thickness 12mm 9mm 9-11mm 12mm
Fixing Dry Fix Dry Fix Dry Fix Cement bed or using a roll-out system
  INVISIBLE FIXINGS  HIDDEN FIXINGS (under overlap) Single discreet top screw  Fixings not provided 
Connector Dry ridge - interlocking clip and connector system Dry ridge -overlap fixing system Dry ridge - built in GRP connector Not included
Length 500mm length 500mm length (350mm minimum cover) 500mm length 500mm length
Head-lap cover 200mm 185mm 180mm 200mm

1 x 60mm screw
1 x ridge runner bracket
(Block ends: 1 x 100mm screw) 

2 x 60mm screw 1 x 100mm screw No fixings included


Stone Ridge

Our vented ridge is also available in natural stone. RealRidge stone makes installing the ridge on traditional stone roofs easy, ventilated and dry fix. Our pre-formed stone ridge tiles are available in a variety of stock angles and can be coloured on request. 

Stone Ridge

We can make RealRidge in any material and angle, so if you would like a bespoke ridge to match your roofing project, please get in touch. We are more than happy to accommodate. 

Ridge ventilation

Modern construction methods require a fully ventilated ridge system. However, roll-out vent systems offer very little ventilation when used with roofing materials such as slates, and the fixings are unsightly.

The Mayan RealRidge does not need a roll-out ridge and therefore offers superb aesthetics and the highest levels of ventilation to cope with the rising high level ventilation requirements to combat condensation in modern homes. 

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