meets innovation

Using natural stone and slate

With the highest performance

Exceeding the requirements of modern building regulations 


Maintaining a traditional aesthetic

Low pitch lightweight slate roof

Our innovative slate roof system can achieve the minimum pitch for slate roofing in the UK. Not only is the ArmouredSlate system low pitch, its also lightweight, all whilst using beautiful natural slates. With a minimum pitch of 10 degrees, our system had outstanding testing results at the lowest pitch or slate roofs.


Slate Roof System

Revolutionary ridge tiles

Looking for a natural slate ridge? RealRidge ridge tiles are made from natural graphite slate using our patented technology to a create durable and high performance ridge for slate roofs. The unique dry fixing system means the finished look is outstanding, with no visible clips for a sleek appearance.

The increases in the insulation requirements (Part L) has led to more condensation being generated in the roof space. RealRidge offers the ultimate in high level roof space ventilation, specially designed to cope with higher levels of condensation in modern homes.


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