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Armouredstone Testing Rig Thin Crop

For our ArmouredStone system, we tested a traditionally installed stone roof and directly compared it to the ArmouredStone system under the BS PD CEN/TR 15601. 

Traditional stone roofs only remain waterproof on a pitch above 35°. Whereas the ArmouredStone system allows stone roofs to be installed as low as 17.5°. 

The ArmouredSlate system proved outstanding performance as low as 7.5° pitch on wind driven rain tests. When tested against BS PD CEN/TR 15601 it was shown that the ArmouredSlate far outperformed any other natural slate roofing system available, with outstanding weatherproofing performance even at 7.5° degrees.

*Although tested as low as 7.5° Mayan only recommend installation at 10° to allow for contingency. 

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