Our large range of stone roofing is supplied by our partner Truestone, based in Yorkshire. It incorporates numerous colour options, either naturally occurring or enhanced to suit specific designs or geographical locations.

ArmouredSlate has been specially designed to improve the installation and performance of this beautiful roofing style. You can purchase the whole ArmouredStone package direct from Truestone, who are also able to provide bespoke colouring to suit your specific project. 


Mayan ArmouredStone is a single lap slate system designed for installation on standard 25mm roofing battens in the open roofing method.

Aged Yorkstone

This dark pre-blended shade matches in from day one, making it the perfect choice for matching old stone roofs, or on rural developments where reclaimed stone has become scarce and hard to source. Available as standard aged, medium or light.

Dyed Yorkstone

Dyed Yorkstone is offered in levels progressing from level one (a darker blend) to level four (a very light shade alteration). You can choose any level of dye or we can prepare a blend of each shade to suit your project.

Country Aged

Much similar to our medium Aged Yorkstone, our Country Aged has an added hint of brown and green making it more suitable and popular with areas such as North Yorkshire and in the Peak Park.

Traditional Buff

With a gentle blend of greys, green and browns, our Traditional Buff is perfect for new build projects. As one of the earliest additions to our range we have found that this shade blends with all sorts of builds although it does need a little time to weather in!

Yorkshire Buff

A new addition for 2020, our Yorkshire Buff is a gorgeous blend of warmer buff and grey tones. This shade is very similar to indigenous stone and proving popular with rural projects far and wide.

Style options

Stone Sizes

(width x length)

300/450/600 x 480mm (12”/18”/24”x 19”)

300/450/600 x 430mm (12”/18”/24”x 17”)

300/450/600 x 380mm (12”/18”/24”x 15”)


Thickness: 22mm 

Weight: 70KG (per m²)

More information


Random and diminishing installation method incorporating 3 different lengths of stone slates in 3 different widths.

Coverage calculator:

Below 25° at 100mm lap x 1.3076

17.5°-25° at 125mm lap x 1.37

Products in the system


Stone Slates

Armoured tape (pre applied)

Armoured Valley

Armoured Flashing



SlateFix screws 

Copper Disc rivets 

Slate hooks 

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