low pitch roof solution

Innovative, modern products used to create a high performance roof with a traditional appearance in📍Lands-end, Cornwall. Lets break it down…
☑️  SSQ Riverstone slates used with the Weather-Pro low pitch slate system. The fire rated, low pitch solution is lightweight and easy to install, but the hidden features create a stunning traditional finish with the highest performance level. 
☑️  Real Verge - unique, natural slate dry fix verge detail, perfect for a traditional look in a conservation area.
☑️  Bespoke mono-ridge - Natural slate, ventilated and dry fix for a sleek finish, complete with the ready-to-install block end. 
☑️  All products Broof(t4) fire rated. 
With a combined 60 years experience in all aspects of the roofing industry, Mayan are creating products that improve roofing for the better.