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Why is it unique

Natural Stone

Low Pitch

Long life roofing

Extremely high performance

Outstanding BRE test results as low as 17.5° on wind driven rain tests.

Considerable cost saving
43% less stone
40% saving on labour
No structural roof

High-end aesthetic appeal

Looks identical to a traditionally laid stone roof


43% less stone, eliminating the need for a structural roof

Easy to install

Greatly simplified installation method for roofers

Variable batten gauge

Available with  

Fully vented, dry fix natural stone ridge.

branded armouredstone testing rig

Best performance

We tested a traditionally installed stone roof and directly compared it to the ArmouredStone system under the BS PD CEN/TR 15601. 

Traditional stone roofs only remain waterproof on a pitch above 35°. Whereas the ArmouredStone system allows stone roofs to be installed as low as 17.5°. 

Read the full case study on our testing with the BRE here:

Mayan Case Study 

43% less stone used

Single lap

The Mayan Stone roofing system changes the way stone is installed by using our unique and patented mounting rail with a specially formed GRP stone plate that replaces the lower double lap layers.

When using the ArmouredStone system, the roof is lighter, the performance is better, the installation time is quicker as well as saving 43% of the amount of stone that would normally be required.

stone single lap

Easy to install

ArmouredStone comes complete with a preinstalled mounting rail that simply hooks over the batten. The single lap use of the stones means that there is no longer any need for large, back breaking stone that is difficult to install.
ArmouredStone is now as quick and easy to install as roofing tiles. 

No need for a structural roof

Because the ArmouredStone uses 43% less stone, it is 43% lighter. There is no need to install a structural roof frame.
At only 67kg / m², the ArmouredStone roof is similar in weight to a normal plain tiled roof. This means no more steel beams, large timbers or expensive calculations saving thousands of pounds.

How does it work?

The Mayan Stone roofing system utilises a specially formed GRP stone plate to replace the lower double lap layers.

See the full installation guide here:  Installation guide

*ArmouredStone is accurately colour matched to the stone in beige, making it invisible on the roof. The white in the above illustration is only to show how it works. 

The versatile ArmouredSlate can be used with reclaimed stone slates to bring high performance, low pitch and longevity to heritage stone roofs. 

The Mayan ArmouredStone roofing system brings stone roofing up to date, whilst retaining the traditional appearance. 
It can also be used with reconstituted stone slabs to provide a cost effective, lightweight solution to stone roofing.

See the installation guide for our reclaimed application here: Reclaimed Installation guide


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Our Technology - What led us to this innovation

Real stone offers a visually stunning roof that cannot be matched for its long life or appearance. The ArmouredStone system uses real limestone as a modern alternative to concrete or allows reclaimed stone to be easily re-used with the system. 

The demand for a real stone roof is growing, but the traditional installation method means the roof is very heavy and cannot be installed on roofs below 35°, as well as being a highly skilled and expensive process.

The ArmouredStone system provides the solutions to all of these problems. 

As the UK's leading roofing innovation company, the team at Mayan is responsible for some of the UK’s most innovative roofing products over the last decade with a combined 40 years of roofing experience. Mayan have used skilled design and the most modern methods to develop the groundbreaking ArmouredStone system.

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