Why is it unique?

Low Pitch

43% Less Slate

Natural Slates

Extremely high performance

As low as 10° pitch
(5-7mm slate thickness)

Excellent kerbside appeal

Looks identical to a traditionally laid slate roof


ArmouredSlate roof 20kg/m²
Average slate roof 36kg/m²

Easy to install

Using tried and tested materials

Fire tested confirms to  BROOF(t4) fire test classification

Eliminates ‘kickers’ 

Shorter slates have far less twist

43% less slate used

Fully Tested

Tested by the BRE with outstanding performance as low as 7.5° pitch on wind driven rain tests.

When tested against BS PD CEN/TR 15601 it was shown that the ArmouredSlate far outperformed any other natural slate roofing system available, with outstanding weatherproofing performance even at 7.5° degrees.

*Although tested as low as 7.5° Mayan only recommend installation at 10° to allow for contingency. 

Read the full case study on our testing with the BRE here:

Mayan Case Study 

armouredslate closeup

The ArmouredSlate roofing system dramatically improves the overall performance of a slate roof. 

How does it work?

Specially formed, patented GRP plate replaces the double lap normally required in standard slating. The ArmouredSlate GRP plate is easily placed over the batten to enable resilient and completely weatherproof single lap slating for low pitch.

The design incorporates a weather seal to prevent rain blowing under the slates, the weathering bar then prevents any wind or capillary driven rain from tracking up the slate. The GRP plate fits perfectly below the slates, offering total protection against the very worst of the elements.

See the full installation guide here:  Installation guide

*ArmouredSlate is colour matched to the slates in Squirrel Grey, the white in the above illustration is only to show how it works. 


1500 mm length 

Pre-applied lap tape for super-easy installation

Pre-holed slates 

Can be purchased as a full system, or separately.


17.39 slates / m² @ 240mm batten gauge

4.34 linear m of ArmouredSlate per m²

4.34 linear m of 25x50mm batten per m²

phyllite slates

The ArmouredSlate system can be purchased with our 'Phyllite' Spanish grey green slates.

This slate is known for their exceptional consistency of thickness and surface, making it a great choice for both domestic, large commercial and conservation projects.

Slate Sizes - 220 x 320mm and 330 x 320mm

However, we are happy to provide the system with any alternative slates. Please get in touch to discuss this. 

Slate Fixings

Slatefix Screws

SlateFix Screws

To secure the slates at the head, verge and ridge when using the ArmouredSlate system. 

Stainless steel screw

Size: 30mm x 4mm

Pozi flange head

Slate Hook

Slate hooks

Stainless steel spike

Size: 80mm x 2.75mm 

Grade: 316 stainless steel

19 slate hooks per m2

Copper Disc Rivet

Copper disc rivets


Size: 20mm x 1.5mm

Provided with the ArmouredSlate system

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