Ridge Fixings

Realridge Ridge Fix 60 Screw ARFSBAG000060H

RidgeFix 60mm stainless steel screw with nitrile washer 

Provided with all all-in-one RealRidge and OverLap RealRidge 


Realridge Ridge Fix 100 Screw ARFSBAG000100H

RidgeFix 100mm stainless steel screw with nitrile washer 

Provided with all block ends and all-in-one RealRidge 

Realridge Ridge Runner Bracket ARRB10P220040H

1 X Ridge Runner Bracket per ridge

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Aluminium sheet on self-adhesive butyl

Roll size: 250mm wide 6m long rolls

Thickness: 1.77mm

- Please purchase required amount for your project.

Slate Fixings

Slatefix Screws

SlateFix Screws

To secure the slates at the head, verge and ridge when using the ArmouredSlate system. 

Stainless steel screw

Size: 30mm x 4mm

Pozi flange head

Slate Hook

Slate hooks

Stainless steel spike

Size: 80mm x 2.75mm 

Grade: 316 stainless steel

19 slate hooks per m2

Stone Fixings

Stonefix Screws

StoneFix Screws

Fixing for ArmouredStone when using reclaimed stone slates.  

Stainless steel screw

Please choose the required screw size to match your stone thickness:

Stone thickness StoneFix length
Below 25mm thick StoneFix38 - 38mm
25-35mm thick StoneFix50 - 50mm
Over 35mm thick StoneFix60 - 60mm


Copper Disc Rivet

Copper disc rivets


Size: 20mm x 1.5mm

Provided with the ArmouredSlate system